What We Should Do About The Dog Fighting Epidemic In America


There is a dog fighting epidemic In America and we dog fighting epidemicneed to do something about it. It is not fair to the dogs that are used and it would be best to figure out the best way to lower a number of dog fights. This will take a lot of time and money but it will be worth it.

It is not good for dogs to be treated this way. We as a society are better than that and it only makes sense to try hard to get rid of the fights and have people understand why they are so bad for a community. See our post on the Humane Society for more information as well.

Steps To Combat Dog Fighting

The first thing to do is educate the public on why they are not a good idea. If the public knows about the dogs and what happens to them, they will be less likely to go to a fight. If we can stop people from wanting to go to the fights, fewer people will have them.

It will be hard for all people to understand by dog fighting is not a good thing. Some will not understand, especially if it has been apart of their lives for a long time. It is hard for people to walk away from something that they enjoy and that makes them a lot of money.


It would also be a good idea to make sure there are laws about dog fights. If people know that they can get in trouble for having them then you might be able to put a stop to some of them. Some people will still have them in secret but others will give it up.

It is important to understand why people want to have the dogfights in the first place. There is a way to make money, even on a daily basis. They also make those who run them and participate in them feel good when they win. That is a hard thing to let go of.

People who have been doing it for years will have a harder time of giving it all up. If there is a way to figure out what they would want to give them up, it might be something that could be offered. Arresting people might not always be the best thing to do.

dog fighting injuriesIt is also important to know what a dogfight looks like. If people can be trained to spot them, they can be shut down more often. This won’t stop them all together but it is a good way to figure out how to connect with the people who are running them. If people stopped running the dog fights, no one could go to them anymore.

It will be a lot of work to stop all the dog fights and will take many years. If the government can work hard, they can figure out a way to put an end to it. Using good methods, it can be done even if it takes a long time.

If you witness anything you think is related to dog fighting, call 911. You may remain confidential if you want. The animals need your help.

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What Exactly Does The American Humane Society Do?

Getting To Know The Humane Society

Humane Society Pup

Photo Credit- UnchainYourDog.org

Animals are a gift to mankind, but millions are abused, neglected, tortured, and killed on a yearly basis. Shelters are filled with forgotten pets and dogs removed from puppy mills, oftentimes, awaiting the day they’re euthanized. The sad truth is that more animals end up in shelters than we can count, and though many shelters do their best to adopt them to loving homes, in effect, very few ever get a new lease on life.

For the wild animals shot and killed each year, and the abused animals living on farms, who will be their voice?

Since 1954, The American Humane Society has been trying to educate people on the importance of preserving and protecting animal life. As humans, we often take animals for granted and assume that because they don’t speak out like we do, they don’t deserve respect or have feelings. To drive the point home, the Humane Society has been publishing articles, making videos, and traveling the country to raise awareness of an ongoing problem with the way we treat animals.

Care Through Education

Ignorance is probably the worst crime that any human couldHumane society
commit. Even if a pet owner has the best of intentions, ignoring the proper care of an animal or failing to provide the perfect habitat is just as evil and inhumane as torturing an animal. The Humane Society feels that if people are going to change and have a better attitude towards animals, the only way that can be accomplished is through education.

Educating people on the importance of wildlife is one of the many ways that we can prevent the killing of animals that deserve our protection. By providing education on animal husbandry, The Humane Society can also prevent the needless cruelty and neglect of farm animals by raising awareness and putting a halt to ignorance with research like this video taken Undercover at Smithfield Foods.

Rescue And Adoption

Many animals come from horrible places such as puppy mills, animal fights, diseased homes or from abused owners. They don’t have a voice when they’re being kicked or hit, but The Humane Society wants to make sure that these animals are heard. Animals, just like humans, need to be loved, nurtured, and cared for.

A Glimpse Into Atrocious Animal Abuse…

The same way we give our loved ones a second chance, we need to give homeless animals ones too. By rescuing abandoned animals from seemingly hopeless situations, The Humane Society gives them the opportunity to recover and hopefully, find a loving forever home.

Educate Yourself

save_a_life_adopt_a_shelter_petHow can you help The Humane Society? The first step is by educating yourself on how to care for the animals around you– whether your pets or the animals in your backyard. The HSUS website contains a number of resources and videos that can help you get educated on the proper care of animals.

The first step to redemption is to arm ourselves with knowledge and frown on the idea of animal abuse. The more people that understand animal cruelty is wrong, the better and safer our world will become.

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